Friday, 26 February 2010

More news

I am now selling my stamps @ Card making world, if anyone is interested…I hope so, if this doesn’t work I’m an going to be struggling to carry on myself :(

I do what I do to try to earn some money, the stamps and my scraps are my only source of income….which has been pitiful for months now.

I, like others work so hard at this, the hours and hours I spend creating, uploading, blogging etc you wouldn’t believe. If it was an hourly paid job, I’d be rolling in it. Unfortunately it aint, so I have to suck it and get on with it…for how long I don’t know, as I love doing what I’m doing.

I know, boohoo, shut up and get on with it, just upset about the store closing and wondering in which direction I should go now.

The card making area is all new to me, I have been in scraps for quite a while and I’m out of my depth here when it comes to reaching out to card makers, advertising, stores, groups etc.

If ANYONE has any advice, pointers etc please mail me, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you all

hugs from me to you


p.s I have started a ning network (see badge, top left) if anyone wants to join me there, you’re all welcome. you can also start up any groups that you would like to there.


  1. Jules, hang in there, it will all work out okay. God has his ways of opening doors for us that we don't understand until further down the road!! I wish you the best of luck and am truly sad that this has happened to you.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed Jules, off to look at CMW

  3. jules, I have a couple of ideas. email me jdgilchatmsndotcom I'm a friend of Tammy's and Rhonda's

  4. I have 10 numbers and am not sure where to post!

  5. Julie, can you leave your message and contact mail here please,
    along with your stamp choice


  6. I'm a card maker and designer. One way to really increase your exposure is to offer to sponsor challenges for card makers on the web. I have a list of challenges that I periodically enter on my blog (

    Papercraft Planet and Scrapbook News & Review Card Universe are online communities that allow new groups to be added all the time. Your images are cute, and I've seen other artists grow a pretty big following in a short amount of time using PCP and SNR. Frequent new art also helps!