Tuesday, 14 June 2011

we have winners!

Morning all, hope you’re all feeling great :)

A name has been decided for the footballer!

It took a lot of getting there, but we finally did it….who’d have thunk it was so hard to choose a name, so glad I have no more babies to name, it would be a teenager before I got there!

Anyhoo, the names which were mailed to us (per instructions), were put before the DT girls and we  had a top 5, I then asked for help on Facebook to get the final name.

The winning name was RYAN :)

(This was sneaked in the back door by our lovely Tina)

As this turned out to be the fave, that’s what I used :)

Anyone thinking, what a rip-off, the dt win?

Not true, EVERYONE who  sent in a name suggestion, will be receiving the set :D

I will be asking the winners to send me pics of their cards to show you at a later date….watch this space.

Congrats to all, I hope you enjoy using the set.

Looks like I’m in waffle mode today, sorry, not like me as I hate typing

Have a great day everyone





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