Monday, 12 November 2012


I decided to have a rid out of my card making stuff, I never use it and a lot of it is untouched :(
After a quick jump up the loft, I found this lot. I dread to think what else I'll find if I really went looking.
It's all going up for sale, I need some pennies for Santa lol :)

 99% of them unused, still have price labels on them
 same stamps, took 2 pics cos of lousy light and flash

Still in cellophane

Some still in bags and some still have prices on them.

 Just noticed the box is upside down lol (unused)

More inks (some still sealed)

Embossing powders (hardly any used)

Still in packaging 


  1. I'd be interested in your embossing powders, depending on costs.

  2. I found some more after I took the pic, sold some, these are what I have left
    PSX-AMETHST (embossing Tinsel)
    PSX- Ochre Tapestry
    Stamp-n stuff - Jeweled gold
    Stamp-n stuff - Sterling silver (opaque)
    Stamp-n stuff - Red Dragon (opaque)
    Heat It Up - Silver
    Hampton Arts - Fresh Lilacs
    Personal Impressions - Enhanced Pearl Blue
    Personal Impressions - Turquoise Sparkle
    Personal Impressions - Pastel Lilac
    Personal Impressions Pastel Peach
    If you are still interested please mail me :)